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Data Services

Establish huge cost savings or create new digital services with the help of our off-the-shelf data solutions. Discover your data opportunities!


Data Extraction

Save costs and time and increase data integrity by extracting information from documents or applications like amounts, dates, emails, languages, organizations, persons and locations.

Easy way to help users provide you with information in all possible ways without burdening your organisation


Data Validation

Decrease your error rate, enrich your existing data with Data Validation Checks like address, E-mail, VAT checks, or add data from external sources from around the globe both in high and low volumes.

An easy way to increase the accuracy of the information you base your decisions on.



Data Conversion

No more retyping. Convert data from tables and documents into XML templates or other formats with 100% accuracy. Don’t let the past hold you back to move to better digital technologies

An easy way to increase insight from data that was hiding out of view.


Data Migration

Easy and fast migration of your data – or your entire database – to a different location or the Cloud. Move your data like you pump water around to get it where you need it.

An easy way to consolidate and reduce the cost of managing your data.


Data is at the core of every business

Getting to grip with risk, compliance, and save time by intelligent data extraction, validation and conversion.

We provide the complete range of data processing services starting from data extraction, validation, and enrichment to analyzing and migration.


Get your data ready

We offer a full range of services to get your data ready for processing and analyzing. Is your data hidden in PDFs, docs, or other formats? We can easily extract the information. Are you lacking data or not certain of the quality? We can add relevant sources and do data integrity checks. All our services are focused on gaining better and more valuable information to support your business processes.

Having to retype information not only costs a lot of time, it is also error-prone.  We can extract the necessary data from all kinds of formats, like Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints. Even if you want to get data out of unstructured information we can help you!


Off the shelve, easy to customize


Simple extractions already save a lot of time

Data issues are having a direct impact on your business. Sending a wrong invoice causes delays in payment. Decrease your error rate, enrich your existing data with Data Validation Checks like address, E-mail, VAT and Identity checks or your own rules.


Reduce cost by validating addresses


Validate VAT numbers before sending invoices

We can efficiently convert your financial records, invoices, directories and much more with maximum accuracy and enable easy access and retrieval of information across different platforms. The right conversion speeds up any process, saving lots of time.


Convert templates to new formats


Any kind of data

We have the experience to help you in every step of the way, fast and efficient.

And we can help you further

Machine Learning

Making analytics a real part of your business processes by using Machine Learning algorithms to continuously learn from your data. Not only giving you insights but turning those insights into advice. With our Genie platform, we can smoothly implement specific solutions.


We can do the migration of your data – or your entire database –  easy and fast to a different location or to the Cloud. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider partner with extensive experience leveraging Microsoft online services. 

Hosting and support

We can offer you our Hosting and Support services to perform the various tasks that are part of your (cloud) operation. As every organization might have different demands we can adapt this to your needs and let them evolve as you grow as an organization.

About Kentivo Data Services

Kentivo Data Services is part of Kentivo. Kentivo is a young and innovative European company focused on providing cutting edge solutions in the domain of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and SAP. In the years Kentivo has gained a large portfolio with innovative Machine Learning solutions, like:

Red Flag – Identify potential risks in contracts or transactions

Content Creator – Automatically create articles based on different sources 

Product Life Cycle Advisor – predict the future revenue and provides suggestions to help products evolve into more revenue-generating items.


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